Buy Before You Sell

Buy Before You Sell

  • Purpose Driven Real Estate Group
  • 06/4/21

Buy Your Dream Home Before Selling Your Current Home... with Cash!

Most people have to sell their current home before they can buy the next one and timing everything just so can be stressful:

  • What if they list their home and they receive an offer before they’ve found the next home yet?
  • What if they find their dream home but they can’t buy it because the seller won’t accept an offer contingent on them selling their home first?

Nobody wants to miss out on their dream home…

We have a unique solution to that problem, a calmer, more convenient process.

What would you say if we could make you a cash buyer?

  • Cash buyers have all kinds of advantages
  • Cash offers are 3x more likely to beat out financed offers.
  • Cash buyers typically pay less for homes

If you were able to buy your dream home with cash, you could:

  • Have peace of mind knowing you wouldn’t miss out because you hadn’t sold your current home yet.
  • Move in on your timeline. Maybe you want to move immediately to make showing your current home easier. Or maybe you want to do some renovations first.
  • List and Sell your existing home for top dollar without the timeline pressures.

With this option, you’re in control.

Contact us here to explore if this unique program might be right for you.

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