Flip It Forward

Renovating homes. Renewing hope. Restoring lives.

Our mission is to help homeowners who have experienced tough times get top dollar for the sale of their property by transforming their burdensome house into a beautifully renovated home.  

Sometimes houses can suffer when life gets in the way. As realtors and home renovators, we have been able to help some people in bad housing situations move on, literally. Through thoughtful and strategic design choices, our impactful renovations can get qualified sellers top dollar without them having to burden the upfront expenses or overseeing the project.

Flip It Forward

We get it. Sometimes, life throws us a curve ball or two and we can't see our way out. At Purpose Driven Real Estate, we too have experienced our own hardships and as #ChangeMakers, we want to help where we can.

By taking homes in disrepair and making high impact investments on behalf of sellers recovering from a major life setback, we help people who have lived through a challenge move on…literally.

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How Does it Work?

  • Submit a request to meet with us via the "Contact Us" button below.
  • Meet with us to discuss your current home situation and what you hope to move on to next.
  • We assess the scope of repairs and improvements needed for the project and create a plan and timeline.
  • We provide funding for those costs upfront.
  • You, the homeowners, will move into temporary housing during the renovation. We can assist with this as well.
  • Our team completes the repairs, stages and lists your home. Then we sell it for top dollar.
  • We are reimbursed for renovation expenses at closing from the proceeds of the sale.
  • You complete this chapter of your life and start a new beginning.

 Restoring homes and hope in good people who have fallen on tough times.  

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We are Changemakers


Work With Us

Our approach to real estate is different though. We start with YOU. Your situation. Your goals. Your dreams. Based on your aspirations and our insights, expertise and connections in the real estate market.