What's Going On with the Tax Assessments in Georgia?

What's Going On with the Tax Assessments in Georgia?

  • Amy Pedersen
  • 05/30/23


Tax Assessment Information in Georgia for 2023

  • Per the state of GA, counties can assess property values every year. Sometimes no change is made to your property assessment. However, due to the surge in housing values over the past few years, county tax assessor offices have been making annual assessments that exceed 10% for many properties.

  • Cobb county assessments increased 13% on average.

  • Cherokee about 23%

  • In Fulton County, half of all values are up by 20%. Nearly 25% are up 50 percent or higher

  • Cobb County has a floating homestead exemption to offset the increase. The state is also offering a one-time tax relief grant on your assessment of about $500.

  • Property taxes are used for parks, libraries, police & fire depts and schools

  • Assessments are made as of Jan 1 of the current year and relate to property values from previous year. In 2023, that would mean a tax assessment received this year would be for a fair market value as of Jan 1, 2023 with comps from sales in the later part of 2022.


      • Value: Would the property sell for the appraised amount?

      • Uniformity: Is the appraisal uniform/equitable with other similar properties?

      • Taxability: Is the property taxable?

    • If the board decides to make a change in the valuation, you will be notified in writing. If dissatisfied with the revised appraisal, the owner may file a written appeal within 30 days to the Board of Equalization.

  • There are a couple ways to reduce your tax liability:

    • Homestead exemption

    • School tax exemption for those 62 and over in some counties such as Cobb, Cherokee, Gwinnett and Paulding. Check your tax assessor's website in the county you live to confirm specific requirements to be eligible. 

    • Property Tax Relief Grant: Some home sales have tapered off in early 2023, and the state is offering some tax relief in the form of a one-time reduction in assessment value of $18,000 for most tax levies (source: https://dor.georgia.gov/2023-property-tax-relief-grant )

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