Buying Your Next Home

Buying Your Next Home

  • Purpose Driven Real Estate Group
  • 06/2/21

Showing You The Way Home.

Our proven home buying process includes four major aspects before you go under contract on your dream home.


As always, we start with you. During our free consultation, we meet to discuss not only what you’re looking for in a home, but your life. From work to schools to worship to hobbies and sports, we keep your lifestyle in mind when customizing a home search for you.


Prior to starting your home search, you will get prequalified with a reputable lender if you don’t plan to pay in cash. (Many agents put the cart before the horse and end up breaking their clients’ hearts by finding their dream home only to find out later they can’t get a loan for that amount.) In this competitive market, you need to have your prequalification letter ready so you can make an offer on THE home immediately before it gets snatched up by someone else. Like agents, not all lenders are created equally. After our initial consultation, we’ll recommend a couple of stellar lenders that can secure the right loan for you.

Touring Homes

Touring homes is the best! We love it yet we recognize your time is very valuable and your home search is not a joy ride. Our strategic home buying system is thoughtful (that’s our word for thorough and thoughful) and targeted to save you time. Not always but, on average, our buyers find THE home after seeing just five homes based on our proven focused approach.

Making an Offer

The market is incredibly competitive right now. In many cases, homes are getting multiple offers after going on the market the first day. In this real estate environment, you need a team that knows what to do to protect you while making your offer more compelling than the competition (and, no, it’s not always about paying more). Founded on Amy Pedersen’s background in negotiating deals for clients like The Coca-Cola Company, Cox Communications, and celebrities like General Mills, Live Nation, American Idol, and, our team champions our clients’ interests like no other. As a buyer, you’ll want to leverage our expertise.


You also have the option of buying directly from us. As investors ourselves, we love rehabbing houses and converting them into beautiful homes. We renovate these homes like we are going to live there. Safety and quality are of utmost concern. Our clients get first dibs on our beautifully renovated homes.

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Our approach to real estate is different though. We start with YOU. Your situation. Your goals. Your dreams. Based on your aspirations and our insights, expertise and connections in the real estate market.