How We’re Different

Not all real estate professionals are created equal. Like in any industry, there are good ones and there are bad ones.


The Purpose Driven Real Estate Group Difference

We hate to say it. The bar can be pretty low in real estate and finding a trustworthy advocate for your interests can certainly be very challenging. Sadly, many “professionals” in this space just aren’t.

Here are some real estate realities:

  • Many investors have every intention of taking advantage of sellers
  • Having a real estate license doesn’t make you a good agent.
  • Your friend or family member may not be the best one to represent you in one of the biggest financial decisions in your life.

Honest & Trustworthy Real Estate Experts

Let’s face facts. Many investors lack the ethics and many agents lack the skill set to do the best job possible for the folks who’ve entrusted this major purchase with them. That’s the exact opposite of who we are and what we stand for. We pride ourselves on being honest, trustworthy real estate experts. We are “there” for our clients and business partners to solve their real estate challenges and help them succeed.

If you’re selling, success means getting your property sold quickly and for top dollar. If you’re buying, it means finding your next dream home and getting into it for the best price/terms. On top of that, you also want everything to go smoothly, with as little stress as possible. How can you ensure all that happens? By working with a real estate team who truly puts you first.

Honestly, this is our jam.

Not to brag, but we’re really good at this. Sometimes we jokingly refer to our proven system as our super powers.

Our boutique team of top real estate agents, investors, home rehabbers, designers and cash buyers thrive on helping others find their place in the world. A few of the most popular services our team of real estate advisors provide include:

As agents and investors, we provide folks multiple options. From quick, AS IS hassle-free sales to traditional real estate listings netting sellers top dollar to making sure our buyers’ dream homes don’t slip away, we offer a full range of solutions to real estate problems.

“I loved that after visiting my home and analyzing comps in my neighborhood, they came back to me with three different scenarios for selling my home including an “As Is” cash offer and suggestions on inexpensive updates we could do if we wanted to list for top dollar. They even shared some of their favorite vendors they use in their flipping business!”

Sellers – First impressions go a long way in real estate. We make recommendations to our sellers on what they can do to make the home more appealing to today’s buyers with the least amount of time, money and effort. We coach our clients on ways to put the home in its best light both prior to our professional photographer coming in as well as during showings.

Buyers – It all begins with coffee. Well, maybe ice cream. Or lunch. Something yummy any way you slice it. (Unless Zoom is your preference, of course.) We sit and talk about what you’re looking for. Not just in your next home but what’s important in your world. At this meeting, we explain the home buying process in detail and let you know what to expect at each phase. We can also connect you to some of the best lenders in the business so we can hit the ground running!

“Listen to Amy and her team. She advised against going with the well-known lender I had selected. I thought I had done the right thing by getting prequalified with them and I was ahead of the game. ON CLOSING DAY, they denied my loan. That was supposed to be one of the happiest days of my life and I was devastated. I was about to lose the house AND thousands of dollars of earnest money. Amy saved the whole thing."

Sellers – Marketing is our jam. Amy has a masters degree in marketing, taught marketing at Georgia State and was a marketing consultant for firms like The Coca-Cola Company for years so, as you can imagine, this is a huge area of emphasis for us. Just like Coke protects their secret formula, we do too. Click here to request a consultation and we’ll unveil all our proven strategies when we meet.

Buyers – Marketing is important for you too! In this competitive market, you need to stand out and our system works! Let’s chat.

“After listing with another agent and missing out on the height of the real estate season, we contacted The Highborne Group. Amy recommended we paint the fireplace and make a couple of minor changes. She and her team unleashed their marketing prowess and brought us multiple offers just days after we listed. We sold for $20K more than our asking price! What a difference between The Highborne Group’s approach and the other agent’s! Amy and her team get it done!”

Sellers – Pricing the home right the first time is very important! There’s an art and a science to this. Pricing the home too high will cause agents and buyers to disregard the listing. The home then becomes “stigmatized” after sitting on the market too long.

Statistically, these houses ultimately sell for less than had they been listed correctly to begin with. We have a specific strategy for marrying consumer behavior with market insights to price the home right the first time in order to get top dollar.

Buyers- When we find YOUR house, we do an in depth analysis from both an agent’s lens as well as an investor’s lens to make sure you are not paying too much prior to finalizing the offer.

“We had an appraisal done before we listed and were disappointed to see what the appraiser said was fair market value for our house. After doing an in-depth analysis of what was sold as well as the current state of the market, Amy suggested we do a few minor things to get top dollar. She listed it for us for $50K more than the appraised value ten days later."

There are two types of negotiators out there. Those that love it and those that fear it. We love it. Knowing HOW and WHAT to negotiate is key. This is one of those superpowers Amy brings over from her corporate days after negotiating multi-million dollar deals on behalf of her clients. Needless to say, our clients come out ahead with us.

A Special Note for Buyers – In a competitive market like this one, people naively think the only way to win those deals is to offer the most money. That’s not always the case. Write a compelling offer in a competitive market without paying more than the market will (and should) bear takes a unique skill set and is something we do regularly on behalf of our beloved clients. (And that feels, soooo good.)

When they took me to see the place, I KNEW it was THE one and I had to have it. I was nervous though because homes were going under contract in the area very quickly and the seller already had multiple offers. With so much competition, I told Jon and Amy I was willing to pay $15,000 over their asking price to get it! Not only did they help me distinguish my offer from the rest, but they used a “magic clause” that kept me from paying too much. That alone saved me $11,000.

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